Tuesday, September 8, 2009

vintage handmade ideas

I love things that are vintage inspired...
I think I like vintage things because back then people actually used their hands to make ads, drawings, they sewed and made their own pillows and baby blankets...
Handmade ideas for the groomsman: paper flower boutonnieres

or just kinda quirky handmade boutonnieres!I am getting excited just thinking about making these!!

Handmade ideas for the Bridesmaids: fun vintage necklaces

made by my wonderfully talented Matron of Honor: Tally Atkinson

She makes the coolest things using Vintage pieces of jewelry!!
view her work on her blog:


Handmade for the House Party: flower and netting hair pieces!

I think I'd like to have one of these to wear at the reception too! SO fun!

other cute things: fans

little birds as a cake topper...

love all of this:


  1. Dee, I can help you make some of those cool hair thingys if you want. Or the groomsmen flowers. Those are soooo neat! Do you want a flower tiara???

  2. Oh and also, if you like that short veil look, you should look at Ashley's. Hers was so cool! And she ordered it online for like $15


    I don't know if that link will work, so let me know if it doesn't. We could totally add a cool vintage flower pin to your veil!

  3. I love ALLL of this. Especially that last photo. Wow. How elegant. Is that Fred Astaire? Really favors him...