Saturday, September 5, 2009

the not so secret anymore wedding journal

my little coffee table in my studio full of all things wedding related!

girls, we all know that we start a binder or book of ideas for our wedding before we are actually engaged! now... I didn't let myself start mine until a few months before being engaged because I didn't want to plan too much before the engagement excitement began!

This whole engagement makes me realize how much I am like Monica on Friends! haha... my brother and I laughed about how most girls wish they were like Rachel, but more of us are like Monica than we think...haha!

this is the first page of my wedding journal

I have been collecting invitations, envelopes, save the dates, shower invites, etc

Loyd is totally excited about doing a wax seal on the invitations... AND I found out the other day that you can buy wax sticks for this that go in a hot glue gun!!

I got this handmade journal from a street vendor type shop in New York when I was there in college with my roommates! I knew I wanted to save it for something special....

how to plan a wedding in 90 days...week one and two:

week one:

asked bridesmaids, groomsman, & flower girls,
booked church for wedding and reception
gathered addresses, made save the date, bought my wedding dress

week two:

asked pastor and ceremony musicians, sent save the dates,
almost all bridesmaid ordered their dresses, had my first fitting
looked into catering, registered for gifts


  1. I thought I recognized that journal :)

    I like what you've done so far! I recognize one of those invites...

    Wax seal sounds awesome!

    Your save the date was so cool! I like that clear layer thing. How did you print that?

  2. Oh! Oh! Oh!! Yay!! I am so excited for you. I love how you have so many creative ideas to make this wedding so YOURS. I look forward to seeing your ideas, as I know it will all be spectacular. and... Congratulations. I wish I had been "with it" enough to add some personal touches on my own wedding, gorgeous though it was. Thank you for sharing your joy. I am blessed that you are blessed, and... this is one of the highlights of my day. Blessings to both of you!!! Oh, and LOVE, Love, Love your wedding journal. Makes me giggly and bright-eyed to see it and see everything. Yay!!!