Tuesday, September 8, 2009

my 3 favorite little girls

a wonderfully sweet tradition : flower girls

look at this adorable picture found of some flower girls at a wedding!!!

well, if you didn't see my post a few days back, I sent care packages to my wedding party to ask them to be a part of the big day:

thank Heaven for little girls

take a look at that before you see the cute pictures in the rest of this post of my precious flower girls with their cards and gifts!

Christy told me Ellie painted her little butterfly canvas within 5 minutes of opening their package!! She is such a cutie, she told me several times while I watched them that she wanted to be an Artist when she grew up!!

Annie Rose playing with the bouquet of flowers I sent! :)

oh my goodness I miss them!!
Look at Annie's little canvas masterpiece and that ADORABLE face!

what a little sweetheart! I cannot believe how old she looks in this picture!!

Brooklyn with her flower girl card and her sweet momma, Caroline, with her bridesmaid card!

I love this one! Caroline said she told Brooklyn to react the way she would if I were there asking her to be my flower girl.... haha!

Brooklyn LOVES Caroline's bridesmaid paper dolls, Caro said when B wanted to show them off to people, she would make her fold them up and tie the ribbon around them so they could get the full effect! this was worth all of the time and effort it took to make them.... precious.

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  1. PRECIOUS! All of them! I can't BELIEVE how much Caroline's little girl looks like her! Amazing! They are lucky little ladies. :)