Sunday, September 20, 2009

invitations on my mind

all the random invitations I have loved and been inspired by on blogs and websites...

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  1. by these most lovely examples, I cannot WAIT to see what you come up with for your own personal style. I absolutely love, and wish I would have used the idea of, the butterfly bouquet!!! Just such a wonderful and unique idea. Oh, what I would have done to have a more unique wedding. No problem... I have a house to do it on now... and someday, if my daughter allows me, I will help her to come up with some fun and different ideas. I am not so sure that my daughter's in law will be up for my "meddling" in such a way. who knows? but I will have four God-willing. five kids, five possible weddings. Woh!!! What a thought... okay, off to mop my kitchen floor and dream of being creative... Just call me Cinderella. :-) though I already have my prince and my five little miracles, too. :-) I have no need for a fairy Godmother, as Jesus does more for me than any fairy could. :-) Okay, just call me blessed sister-child. ehhh... never mind. gotta run... have a great day.