Thursday, September 3, 2009

thank Heaven for little girls

Care packages for Flower Girls

my first flower girl is Brooklyn :) her sweet momma is one of my bridesmaids and has been one of my best friends for a very long time... I remember when B was born, her first birthday, and have been a part of many play days and games carefully made up and specifically instructed by this cute little girl...

When Brooklyn heard I was engaged and told her grandmother, Caro's sweet mom who cracks me up, "Dee is getting married!" .....Mrs Hazel said, "Deeann Carson?!"

Caro said Brooklyn looked at her like "who in the WORLD is Deeann Carson?" because she has always only known me as Dee... and my parents as Dee's mommy and Dee's daddy... haha. Caroline said - you are like Beyonce and Madonna. Just.... Dee.

Caroline said that when they got their package, Brooklyn said "maybe shes going to ask me to be a flower girl...." what a smart little big Kindergarten girl...

when Caro read the card to her, Brooklyn looking at the front of the card curiously said, "do i have to wear that dress?" hahaha!! she is such a mess... that is a picture from when my dad and a girl in his grade were Duke and Dutchess in some ceremony... the picture has been one of my favorites in collages for years...

after this Brooklyn danced around the house singing, "I'm gonna be a flower girl..."

Brooklyn LOVES weddings and is every girls dance partner! here she is dancing with Margaret at her wedding... so cute! she explained to me that margaret "LOOKED like a princes, but she isnt REALLY a princess".... she is a good teacher :)

inside the flower girl packages:

1. a flower bouquet, for practice perhaps
2. princes coloring activity, because they will dress like a princess (like the Dutchess)
3. two canvas's to paint with a purse, butterfly, or castle drawn on......because I am an artist
4. a flower Christmas ornament... to remember when they were a flower girl in the wedding

My next two flower girls are sisters, and very near to my heart because I was their nanny when they used to live in Nashville over a year ago... Ellie was 5 and Annie Rose was 8 months... now Ellie is a first grader and Annie Rose is 2!! I cannot wait to see them and Annie will be hilarious I am sure...Last time I drove down to Atlanta to watch them for a few days, Ellie cried when I left... it was so sad but adorable at the same time and Annie learned my name "DEE"

I used some dress pattern little girls for their handmade card... its perfect for their ages :)

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  1. Aloha Joy! I love your invites and wedding decco news! your retro princess/victorian lovliness is it!!! what you are planning is going to be amazing...thanks for sharing it! Congratulations! ps..Ku'uipo is sweet Heart in Hawaiian..word of the day!! God Bless! + Brooke in Honolulu