Wednesday, September 16, 2009

same color, different styles

I LOVE mismatched bridesmaids dresses!!!

same color with different styles
similar shades different styles

my wonderful bridesmaids ordered their dresses SO fast! it has been so stress free so far...
I went with Davids Bridal's new coordinated looks bridesmaids dresses AND since I got my bridal gown there, all my bridesmaids got $20 off which was great news!

anybody have great suggestions for flower girl dresses?


  1. love it! its what i plan on doing!

  2. I have a quick question...I'm a future bride and I love the blue dress idea! My sister, who will have had a baby just a few months before my wedding, likes the dress all the way to left. However, I can't figure out where this dress came from. Do you remember where you found the picture or have any idea where to get more information about that dress?
    Loryn Bold