Friday, September 11, 2009

Save The Date!!

I made my own Save The Date Photobooth strip by scanning an old photo strip of me and Loyd a couple of years ago and taking the pictures out of the middle...

this is the wedding journal page I made before starting my DIY Save The Dates

I made some cards with the words on them and used one of Martha Stewart's border cutters to add some detail, I got it at Micheals and used a 40% off coupon so it was only like $11

There wasn't a real photobooth anywhere locally so we staged one in my living room!

I bought a tree stamp on Clearance from Micheals for $1

I got these cute envelopes at Office Max, and they were only $7 for a pack of 50! to which of course Loyd made a joke about Susan on Seinfeld dying from the cheap envelopes.... haha!

The night we began making these, Loyd was reading Lord of the Rings again all cozy by a lamp so I asked him to do the stamping...

my favorite part of this evening: seeing Loyd think he was finished stamping, carefully closing the ink pad and placing the stamp on top and pushing it neatly forward on the table...I could tell he was so proud of helping and thinking "alright... back to my book!"

haha... then I pointed out that was just the first pack of 50 envelopes! We laughed SO hard!

my dad said "oh why didn't you tell me you were taking a photo, I would have looked like I was helping!"I bought a pad of assorted paper from Micheals (using another 40% off coupon I might add) and printed the info cards on my printer and cut the strips, everyone's was a little different which I thought was a lot of fun!

They all had similar colors which went with the wedding and most of them had trees or leaves which went perfectly with our Autumn wedding!


  1. These are so fun! I got ours last week. It's hanging on my fridge and has really been a conversation piece. :) The date is saved...

  2. November 21st!! what a great date... I love autumn!!! I am so excited for you...