Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Personalize Your Reception

Family Tree photos

I found all of these on some GREAT blogs: see my blog lists and inspiring wedding websites in the column to the right to see where I look for inspiration...

a very unique way to display photos- on a big birdcage!!!

I love the idea of having a picture from everyone's wedding from either side of the family on display at the reception!

if I had a ton of money, I would totally do a photobooth at the reception for guests to take one strip for themselves and leave the other for my guestbook, scrapbook of the wedding and etc...

my friend Krista is also planning her wedding here in town right now..
you can see her blog:

Becoming Mrs. Dial

she made an interesting post about a Giggle Booth which is kind of a new thing, very fun!

I also LOVE the idea of having polariods at the wedding since they are a dying art apparently, since the film is expensive we couldnt just sit them on tables, the way people do disposable cameras, even though that would be awesome! but maybe just somehow we will tie it into my FUN interactive Guestbook area :)

I want to have a clothesline with a little table where people can take take polaroids, leave notes, etc... and we can use all of it as a cool way to incorporate your guestbook into our wedding photo album...

or go to Cori Kindred's Etsy Shop

I LOVE this idea.... little bits of paper that are cool (like above) even with cut outs in some of them... but writing "Love is..." on them for guests to give us marriage wishes and advice :)
this is also by
you can see her stuff at her Etsy Shop

plus it makes for wonderful fun decorations!


  1. I am loving this blog, Dee! So many cool ideas. I laughed out loud when I read about Loyd putting up the stamp and closing the ink pad. He is such a sweet hubby-to-be to help with all that! Keep posting; I enjoy following!

  2. My beating heart be still... This has been my favorite of your posts thus far. I can not WAIT to see which of these amazing ideas you get inspiration from to incorporate into your wedding day!

  3. Isn't the giggleBOOTH idea fun?! Would love to have one...but *sigh* don't have money to allot to it. I LOVE the polaroid idea! Very cool! I agree with Amanda. Cannot wait to see everything you incorporate into the wedding day! See you tonight lovely...

  4. I love the clothesline idea!! i have done that for Christmas cards, too!!

  5. hi there! the 9th and 11th images are mine and i'd greatly appreciate credit and a link to my website. thank you!