Saturday, August 29, 2009

a wonderful weekend top ten list

1. I went to an art opening Friday I had two pieces in

2. I got to talk to my friend Caroline on the way to Memphis for about an hour and a half! :)

3. I got to hang out with my sweet friend and new momma, Mali, and stay at her house

4. I had an art workshop Saturday and it was, of course, SO much fun- everyone's paintings turned out SO well - I will post pictures soon on my ART BLOG

5. I got to see my old roommate Lindsey and go to my favorite lunch place and thrift store that I miss from Memphis

6. I got to talk to one of my sweetest friends in the world, Margaret, for about an hour and a half on my way BACK to Nashville

7. I got asked THE QUESTION with a perfect surprise proposal night!!!

8. He coordinated it so that the family was in town for a party afterwards!!

9. the ring is everything I ever hoped it would be :) I stare at it a lot, and honestly really feel like my hand is a little heavier... seriously

10. I got to talk to SO many of my closest friends AND got to tell my friends from church in person and have little squeely fits of happiness with them! and since then have gotten so many fun messages on Facebook from like everyone I know, I feel SO loved and blessed!


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  2. Beautiful and sweet Deeann! I am so happy for you and wanted to let you know that you deserve so much sweetness and happiness that it is too much to express in words. I really hope there is a way that I can come to your special day. I hope that it is during some break or time that it wouldn't be too much trouble to leave school. Anyway, you keep us posted GIRL! I cannot wait to see how creative this wedding is. It is going to radiate the creativity that the both of you possess. I love you forever, beautiful bride to be. Hopefully, see you soon

  3. yippee!!! so excited for you and love following ALL your blogs. i'm a big fan. :)

  4. I LOVE the fact that I got to talk to you for such a long time and then a couple of hours later I got another call...with BIG news!! :)