Saturday, August 29, 2009

it starts with a very important question...

Loyd planned a whole scheme to get the proposal just right, and it was totally a surprise! I was in Memphis teaching an art workshop and my brother Daniel called me earlier that week to say he wanted me to come back into town Saturday by 7 for a Chris Tomlin Listening Party for their new Album (Daniel plays electric guitar with Chris). And I truly believed this lie because I got a totally legit EBlast email from our friend Leighton, who works at Passion, the bands label, inviting us all to the "Listening Party"

I drove into town late and Loyd was waiting at my house to give me a ride, I was in such a rush because we were already late, I was about to change fast but got mad because my skirt was wrinkled and Loyd comes calmly around the corner and said, "aren't you going to shower?" haha... I was like, are you kidding me? we are late already... and he said no no it doesnt start until 7:30, Daniel called and told me. So I showered fast, Loyd offered to iron my skirt for me... (I know, right? :) he is so sweet) We jumped in the car and drove to the "Listening Party"

I was told the private party was on the other side so I didn't think it was weird the lights were all off..We walked up the stairs through an art gallery ... we turn the corner,

and this is what I see-

Norah Jones "Come Away with Me" was playing....

I have been collecting lanterns for our Wedding and I LOVED that one of them was sitting out during the proposal, it seemed really special to have one there!

he had almost 300 tea lights,

our sweet little white lantern and cute daisys, a wonderful choice :)

he got down on one knee and said will you marry me? it was such a cute moment, I truly could NOT believe how surprised I was, and this was going to be tricky for him because we had talked about rings and I knew it was coming, and I was trying SO hard not to, but I was expecting some fun surprise around every corner for about a week and a half. I did not know how much longer I could look cute at all times

the ring was Loyd's Great Grandmothers- Loyds mom's mom's mom :)
I had always said I would LOVE so much to have a ring that had a story and came from one of our families somehow... so perfect! Its almost 60 years old..antique and so pretty!

...and then....another surprise...downstairs

Daniel hid behind a post to hop out and take this picture... It's so great of Loyd- so happy and excited and relieved, I'm sure, that the surprise went smoothly!! Then I saw the second surprise- almost the whole out of town family was waiting in a restaurant downstairs!!

I love this picture of Nancy... she looks so excited for us and anxious to hug our necks!

my sweet momma

we all went back upstairs to take pictures!

our sweet siblings... my brother, Daniel and his sister, Grace, and her boyfriend, David helped set up the whole thing and got it ready for the suprise! thank you Grace and Daniel for burning your fingers to help light those little tea lights and move them around since I was late!! haha

my family!

Grace knew I would be needing to make decisions quick and brought me like 7 huge Bride Magazines and a Wedding Planner!

my sweet future mother in law- Nancy :)Loyd's Family, who I have been fortunate to get to know well over the last 3 and a half years!

and then...dinner. I think I ate about 7 bites! :)

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