Sunday, August 30, 2009

I won free wedding photography!!!!

I won free wedding photography from Amanda Donaho's blog Wedding Photography Giveaway!!!!

You can also see photos on her official website :

You can go to her blog to read why she chose me and Loyd for her giveaway on her post:
"and the winner is.... "
We are SO excited!!!!


  1. snippet and ink, 100 layer cake, once wed....all wedding blogs on my blog. love them

    also, you have to register at normal places so people out of town can go buy you stuff online. so dont get TOO creative. also, check with the rules about bringing stuff back.

  2. yea, I figure Target and Bed Bath and Beyond... maybe a department store... just wondered how to pick which department store... I will definitely look into return policies and all your wedding blogs :) lets talk soon!

  3. so the girl in the first photo and the sixth photo is my cousin heather. see the resemblance? :)

  4. actually...yes I do see the family resemblence! :)

  5. Horray! :) It's weird to see my old logo on some of these! I'm enjoying your wedding planning blog so far & looking forward to meeting you both!

  6. Thank you, Jesus, for your provisions and such joyful moments.

    Joy, your photography will be amazing. I can see it already. congrats!!!