Wednesday, November 11, 2009

not "always a bridesmaid.."

I almost didn't post these because I couldn't find any good pictures of me in almost ANY of these weddings I was in... but my friends look so pretty as brides!!!

1. Liz's wedding!!

2. Margaret's wedding...
for some reason this is the only picture I can find with me in that dress?...

3. Jill's wedding... I caught the Bouquet!

4. Tally's wedding

5. Mali's wedding

6. Hannah's wedding

I was also in 7. Caroline's wedding :)
AND 8. was the maid of honor in my mom's best friends wedding when I was like 12
(it was her second wedding and she wanted it to be different and had all her bridesmaids daughters be her wedding party! )


  1. that is a lot of times to be a bridesmaid! i'm glad it's your turn to be a bride, dee :) can't wait to see you next week!

  2. you would have been in mine had i not gotten married in Mexico! ;)