Thursday, November 5, 2009


invitations. the main reason i have gotten behind on blogging. no end to address lists, lists for showers and parties, who we forgot, updating addresses that were wrong.... whew! when my friend Mindy responded to my mass "i need your address" message, she said "hang in there, this is the hardest part." and I KNOW now she is right... I hope! its not quite over yet...
my WONDERFULLY talented friend from art school, Lindsey Glenn,
who is also in the House Party in my wedding,
SHE designed the invitations...

they look SO lovely, she did a wonderful job and QUICKLY too which was good for me!
click on her name above to go to her website- she does freelance design work and is incredibly talented photographer... many many gifts!!

answers to most of the questions people are asking me:
1. yes I sewed on EVERY invitation
me and my mom and my sweet friend and House Party gal Gabby Denny
2. we tore EVERY torn edge....
3. cut every leaf
4. and punched EVERY rsvp with a Martha Stewart stamp

yes, it took a while. but i LOVED how it turned out!

I HIGHLY advise printing envelopes too... SO much easier

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  1. LOVE the invite, deeann. it was SO fun to open because i just knew it would be something sweet and perfect :)