Thursday, November 5, 2009

just the girls... Pier One shower!!

my first shower! so fun...

this was a sweet gift from my friend Mel who is so talented and sews just about anything you can sew! she made me the sweetest cake pan holder and napkins with pockets for the silverware!

my sweet sweet girls... thank you thank you thank you for coming into town for a fun special shower like this- it would not have been the same without you...
my girls have always meant the world to me..

and Julia and Lauren, my sweet Brookhill girls had to leave early and I didn't get a picture but thank you so much for coming- it was SUCH a fun surprise when you walked in the door!!!

there is just something different about friends who you have known since you were little bitty girls isn't there?

my friend nicole, one of the hostesses, she was my high school art teacher

some of my sweet hostesses- thank you for a wonderful shower:

Nicole Brisco, Jeanette Womack, Marilyn Blevins,
(not pictured) Cynthia Wesseley, Betsy Rice, Kim Altenbaumer, and Shannon Head

they had a scrapbook and everyone made me pages with sweet wishes, advice, quotes, and Bible verses combined with cute little vintage pictures on cool paper

Mel put my new initials on my card, it was the first time I had seen them! so fun...

Nicole wrote down all the information... this will be very helpful in the next few days as the thank you note writing kicks into full gear...

my sweet friend and also Bride to Be, Kristen, helped and handed me gifts and etc... thank you!

Brooklyn, one of my precious flower girls, worked so hard on my sweet little page, she taped and glued and really thought about what she was putting on there... it was ADORABLE.. she didnt want me to take a picture but I took several without a flash on so she wouldnt know! haha sweet momma....

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